How to start your fantasy sports business

Playing fantasy sports games is becoming more and more popular in recent years. It’s a lucrative business that only became more profitable during the last year, as one of the few forms of online entertainment.
Statistically, there are more than 80 million users in fantasy sports in the world and they spend around $550 on their teams a year. It is certainly a business that has a lot of potential.
For users and business owners alike, fantasy sports software is of key importance. It has to be well-built and feature-rich while providing an exciting and convenient gaming experience.
As an owner of a Fantasy Sports business, you have to make sure that your software is equipped with all the basic as well as trending features that allow your users to have a hassle-free gaming experience.
Your application should be easy to navigate and have an attractive UI design. It will provide the players with an effortless real-time experience.

Fantasy sports software can be beneficial for various businesses and domains.

  • Media Platforms
    Sports new platforms and the like can add value and excitement for their readers while raising their engagement and traffic.
  • Sportsbooking Companies
    Adding a fantasy sports aspect to their existing websites can greatly enhance their revenue and engagement.
  • Sports clubs and Leagues
    Sports clubs can boost their fans’ interest and engagement with fantasy sports games additions. It will broaden their existing sports offerings and bring in an extra stream of revenue.
  • Sports Startups
    Sports startups can choose to invest in fantasy sports platforms and introduce their new business to a bigger crowd. By offering their users an innovative gaming platform they will attract new users and speed up the growth of their business.

Nowadays people seek convenience and flexibility in everything. To fit the users’ expectations and ensure stable revenue, businesses chose to create mobile applications representing their brand and services. The majority of sports fans choose to use mobile devices to play their favorite fantasy sports games. Therefore investing in the development of a fantasy sports application is a smart strategy that will be quickly paid off. If you haven’t had an application before, you’ll engage a new audience of users who only use mobile devices to play and will greatly increase your traffic.

How to get started?

start fantasy sport business


Create a clear objective

You need to have a clear business plan and set goals to create a smart business strategy based on them. If your business is well-established by the point when you decide to create an application, you should focus on strengthening your brand presence by incorporating innovative ideas in your fantasy sports business model. Try to add more value to your existing system through the planning of your application to increase your current users’ retention. If you’re creating an app as a start-up, your goal is to attract as many users to your new app as possible. Don’t be afraid to use promotions, discount programs, and such.

Analyze your target audience

To plan your business strategy smartly, you must know your audience very well. You need to understand their interests, know their locations and adjust your fantasy sports business plan accordingly. Different age groups of people will see convenient gameplay differently. As a business owner, you must know their expectations to match your offerings to them. Fans from different geographical locations are likely to be interested in different fantasy sports. So, to fit their needs in the best way possible, it is important for the business to do thorough research and analysis of their audience.

Know everything about the sports of your choice

Research the sports you’re planning to base your app on. This will help to make your business plan more clear, and your audience research more precise.

Chose a good data feed provider

Opting for a reliable data feed provider is one of the most crucial factors in making sure your platform provides the best service to its users. A good feed provider will have the most suitable and quickly updated feed for your sports of choice.

Work with a trusted Fantasy Sports software Provider

This step in preparation for your fantasy sports app project is probably the most crucial one. If you choose an experienced software provider they will be able to help you create the best solution possible and guide you in the right direction during its development. The software development team you decide to work with must have a strong technical background, experience in working on similar fantasy sports projects, and proficient communication skills to be able to deliver a great tailored solution.

Focus on working marketing strategies

Choosing the right strategies for your fantasy application’s promotion is highly important. User engagement and traffic depend directly on the way you choose to market your product. Make sure to do proper SEO analysis and optimization of your app for search engines to find it easily. The higher your ranking is the more users you can potentially attract, and the more revenue you will get as a result.

Don’t miss out on industry trends

Staying up to date with current trends and innovation in your industry is a highly important aspect of providing optimal and relevant service, in accordance with the contemporary requirements of modern users.


Sporty Systems can help you enter the world of the fantasy sports business seamlessly.

As a software development company, we have been a part of the fantasy sports industry for many years now. We have extensive experience providing modern and quality fantasy sports solutions. From optimization and projection tools to projects customized to your ideas and unique branding, we can do it all.

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