10 must-have fantasy sport platform features

Have you been thinking of starting your own fantasy sports business? Or maybe you’re a player that wants a guideline for picking the best fantasy sports platform? In any case, we’ve come up with a list that will come in handy for you. 

Here are the top 10 features that make up the basis of any good fantasy sports platform.

Necessary features for users

As a user, you need to make sure your account with a chosen platform is secure and personalized. It should be able to provide timely updates of statistics as well as save the history of your games. For a full user experience a fantasy sports platform must include:

  • User registration – a basic feature that allows users to create their personal accounts. The key here is to only use the information about the user that is absolutely necessary. For example email, password, and a unique username.
  • Profile settings – an important part of the functionality that allows users to customize and personalize their accounts and set their preferences.
  • Home screen – a page where users can see their favourite match listings, match dates, teams, team selection, points gained, etc.
  • Join contests – as the name suggests, here users are able to choose the daily fantasy sports contests they want to take part in. Moreover, here they are able to pay the entry fee.
  • Live score – a place where a live score of real-life sports games can be tracked.
  • Contests – here users are able to check the details of the daily fantasy sports contests they participate in. As well as possibly create one of their own.

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Basic admin features

Providing players with vital features is not everything a good platform should offer. Just as important is the interface and functions provided to the administrator. Here’s a list of basic features for the admin:

  • Admin login & sign in – a functional feature allowing an administrator to register his account and sign in to it in the future.
  • Dashboard – a page that allows admins to access statistical information on the number of played matches, the total number of players, etc.
  • Managing games, contests, leagues, and players – as the name goes, it is a set of features that allows admin to manage the details of their activities.
  • Managing payment and transactions – a feature that provides the ability to control and monitor all the payments and transactions in the game.

Additional features for your fantasy sports platforms

Now, after we’ve seen how crucial the basic functions are, let’s throw in a sweetener and mention a few features that are optional but can greatly enrich the user experience.

One of the most overlooked functions in the process of fantasy sports platform development is the ability to socialize. Players often don’t have a chance to showcase their achievements and knowledge of the real game. As a result, it takes away a lot from the experience. It is always worth going the extra mile and investing in a social world inside a fantasy platform. For instance, consider connecting your fantasy sports platform with the outside social media.

Another function the platform creators need to look into is private group games. Players should be able to choose their own groups and invite only the people they want to play with. After all, that’s what the original game was all about, playing with friends, colleagues, or family. It can only be beneficial to the game creator as it stimulates the users to invite new players to join the platform.

Importance of traffic quality and interactivity

Another crucial point in building your fantasy sports platform is filing it with the right content. Following a few tricks will help you drive more traffic to your website.

You might be asking yourself: how to start a fantasy sports business? There are so many fantasy sports platforms and applications already in the market. The best way for your business to stand out is to find out the gaps and provide users with something unique. It’s got to be entertaining, yet easy to use. We have taken all of this into account when creating our white label DFS. We will be happy to work with your unique ideas and customize the platform to your liking.

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