Best DFS tools for improving your fantasy sports gaming in 2021

Daily Fantasy Sport has been popular for decades now and still, the interest in it grows stronger with each day. COVID-19 and the quarantine have only added to the popularity of online games. While many matches and seasonal games were not available to offline fans, fantasy sports were available to everyone. Many got acquainted with it precisely due to the current pandemic. Considering the huge number of newcomers to this type of gaming, we decided to make a small selection of sites and applications that will help you to confidently enter the world of daily fantasy sports (DFS). Moreover, some

10 must-have fantasy sport platform features

Have you been thinking of starting your own fantasy sports business? Or maybe you’re a player that wants a guideline for picking the best fantasy sports platform? In any case, we’ve come up with a list that will come in handy for you.  Here are the top 10 features that make up the basis of any good fantasy sports platform. Necessary features for users As a user, you need to make sure your account with a chosen platform is secure and personalized. It should be able to provide timely updates of statistics as well as save the history of your

Data Loss: Prevention is the Only Treatment

This post was prompted by the unfortunate incident that happened in Strasbourg at the OVH data centre on March 10 of this year. Just like many other people and the company I work at, I use this provider for storing my data. Unlike many other people, and unlike my company, I did not back it up. I still have hope that there’s a chance for me to restore it. However, I’ve also completely accepted the possibility of it being gone for good. So, with the fresh feeling of loss in mind, here’re my thoughts on the importance of backing up

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