How to drive traffic to a sports website

4 effective ways of gaining traffic on your website

When managing sports websites, sooner or later you will face an important question. How to increase direct traffic to a website? The techniques shared below will be as useful for many. From a seasoned website owner to a complete newbie in the business.

Without further ado, let’s look at the most effective ways of how to get more organic traffic.

How to drive traffic to a sports website

High-quality content

The core of any website is the content you post on it. Make sure the information on your website is relevant and up-to-date. Regular posts on the latest sports news will improve your visibility to Google and will attract your readers with fresh information. You can bring users to your website following all the tricks in the book but only good content will keep them coming back.


We’ve all heard about the importance of search engine optimization but it bears repeating. Therefore, you might ask yourself: how can I increase traffic to my website for free? Implementing the SEO best practices will guarantee your content is found by search engines like Google and is driving users to your website. To improve your SEO use keywords (on pages and in the permalinks), name your images appropriately, use internal linking and authoritative backlinks. Research popular topics and keywords in your area of sports content and try incorporating them into your website.


daily fantasy sports platform developed by Sporty Systems

Engaging activities

One of the best ways of keeping your readers coming back is creating places for them to engage with your website and other fellow users. For example, for sports websites, the most simple one is having a comment section, where readers can discuss their thoughts on the subject of the post. However, not all topics can prompt conversions. This is where having an engaging game on your website can come in handy. Creating fantasy sports betting games based on your sport of choice is guaranteed to gain traffic and keep the users returning to your website. Here’s an example of a daily fantasy sports platform developed by Sporty Systems. It’s one of the best ways to promote a sports website.

Cross-posting with other bloggers/websites

Cross-posting with other bloggers/websites

Guest-posting on other websites from your domain is a great way of introducing your content to new readers and promoting a sports website. Your unique perspective can be interesting to different blogs and even professional media outlets. By posting your relevant content on their platform and linking it to your website you will create a credible backlink. Even after countless changes in the algorithm, Google still considers backlinks to be a key ranking point. However, choose the platforms for sharing backlinks carefully, some of them can boost your ranking, while others can derail it.

There are countless ways of how you can gain more traffic to your website. Some of them depend entirely on you, some involve other content creators and third-party tools. Try experimenting with different approaches on your own, some of them will surely bring positive results. However, remember that some improvements require investments and it’s always better to trust them to professionals.

Which technique on how to increase internet traffic to a website are you ready to try first?

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